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What life has taught you up now?

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Lesson 1: Fear is Temporary, Regret is forever.

There was this girl in our school (12th), beautiful and center of attraction. She was everyone’s crush. I was not any exception either.

Sometimes I thought I should convey my feelings to her. But never gathered courage to speak up in front of her. After all she could get any guy she wanted, why me?

On the last day of school, we were filling “Slam Book”, so she filled mine, where she conveyed her feelings towards me.

After that she left that city and I moved on to another city for higher studies.

And we never met again.

Lesson 2: Don’t blame anyone for your failure.

Only you are responsible for it, not even karma comes into picture. And let’s say you blame someone else, what will you get in return?


When you take whole credit for your success, it is your moral responsibility to face your failure and work harder on it.

Lesson 3: Everyone has a past, don’t allow your past to ruin your present.

Time machine has not been invented yet, so you cannot change your past. Learn from your mistakes and make your future better.

I have ruined my life, trust me it is not worth it. If someone leaves you, accept it and move on.

Lesson 4: Don’t generalize

The best part of God’s creation: Not everyone is the same.

You can always get good or bad people in your life. But because of one person don’t generalize the whole community.

Lesson 5: Life is all about the choices we make

You always know what is the best solution for your problem, but it is human tendency to ignore those things and look for shortcuts.

It is your choice, what you choose. And your choice defines you as a person.

Lesson 6: Learn to accept rejection in your life

You will not always get what you want. If you deserve someone/something better, then the same applies to that someone/something too. They also deserve better too and if you don't fit into their expectations, you will obviously be rejected.

Always compete with yourself and try to improve. Taking revenge for your rejection is the most stupid thing to do.

Lesson 7: Love is permanent, people are temporary.

I have fallen in love more than couple of times, with different people. People will leave you for lame reasons.

It should not stop your life. Like I said above, the best part of God’s creation is, “Not everyone is same.”

Lesson 8: Money is important

Don’t give lecture on money, until you have it. Money can’t buy happiness, but surely it can buy many things.

Lesson 9: If you can’t solve your problem, then nobody can solve it.

If you are stuck in a bad relationship, you know what to do?

If you are confused with your future/career, you know what to do?

You always know what is the solution to your problems. We just don’t have the courage to accept it.

Lesson 10: There should be one skill in your life that you can be a master of.

There must be one skill which you can use as a trump card.

One skill, it can be anything. Programming, Engineering, speaking, writing, dancing, music anything. Develop one skill that no one can beat you at, even if it is “Speaking lie” or “Manipulating People”.

You don’t have to become jack in all trades, rather master in one.

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