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Ghost is a blogging platform, isn't?

Ghost is a new entrant to the blogging Platforms. It was a successful kickstarter baked project, focused mainly on Blogging and Clean UI. They are non-profit organisation with a promise to create a better platform for Blogging and Journalism. Ghost was built to overcome the complexities of using WordPress as a blog rather than as Content Management System. That's not only it, they believe Freedom of speech and Independent publishing is necessary to everyone.
Here are the reasons why we love Ghost as blogger's platform rather than a CMS


The Ghost is a open source blogging platform, powered by Node.js and backened with Ember.js framework. It's fully based on Javascript, for developers who love javascript & Ember.js they surely fall in love with ghost. The themeing is crafted with Handlebars templating language which uses Express-hbs libraries. Dough, it sounds new you can learn from ghost theme documentation. It uses NPM Module as package manager for it's Node.js packages. NPM(Node Package Manager) is very helpful for distributing and reuse of codes, it's a handy tool fo JS dev's to update, develope and resolve error's in backened.
For Nerd's and Dev's this will be a promising platform to learn new things...


For performance wise, as ghost uses Node.js you can see a solid performance in Page Speeds and as well as it uses very less resources compared to other platforms like Wordpress, Joomla.. etc. They are super fast as it uses static file generator for blog posts which are great in caching. The performance of Ghost blogs are very smooth and responsive because it implies a simple process, i.e their blog pages are generated on server side and sent to the browser as static HTML while their Admin panel remains to operate on as Dynamic client side App.
The Ghost has also optimised their platform to support the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP is a google's initiative project with a aim to improve the performance of web pages by removing the constraints caused due to html,css and JS and to allow the google to optimize and distribute our content through their CDN (Content Delivery Network).
So on comparing with Publishing Platform like Wordpress, the Ghost is a well matured and well optimized platform to work on.

Markdown and UI

Yes, Ghost uses very old traditional Markdown language for blog post's. Ghost uses variety combination of Markdown such as standard Markdown, GitHub Flavored Markdown, and other useful features like footnotes. Though it may sound very new to people, it was one of the oldest langauges that are still used in many notable sites like Reddit,Github,Bitbucket.. etc sites for discussion among its users especially for Readme files. Markdown is a minimal plain text format syntax that converts the plain text formatting to HTML. If you find difficuilt to learn Markdown, you are still available to use HTML. Both HTML and Markdown languages works pretty well here.
Markdown Editor is by default enabled to write, edit and has sets of tools like listing, bulleting, linking the webpages and some common stuffs.. etc. It supports Toggle side by side preview options which is super helpful to check your output lively.
In terms of UI, you will be suprised because it is very vivid, clean and responsive. The ghost platform works well in all platforms like Desktop,Mobile's and Tablet's


Ghost is seo friendly by default. Their developement team has done a excellent job to take care of this part. Ghost has easy customizable i.e you can define your own permalink, Post Image, Meta Data like Meta title,description, Search Engine Preview result, Twitter Card, Facebook Card and Code Injection Feature.
Custom Social Data is enabled by deafult so you can create customised rich card embeds for Twitter and Facebook on every post, which is pretty awesome nah !.

Self hosted and User Hosted

Since Ghost is a open source blogging platform you are allowed to use and host it in any platform. This is a platform for both techies and non-techies. Ghost has a self hosted platform on Ghost.org where you can buy their services at very minimal cost or else you can use DigitalOcean one click Ghost services.
If you a non-techie and like ghost then try ghost.org services and support them. If you are a techie and love to test and develope, then use Ghost to host on any VPS like Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean.

App Integrations

Ghost supports App integrations, currently it has Unsplash, Slack and AMP Integrations and you can use their services entirely free. I hope in future they will add more Apps. This services seems to be like Plugins in WP and here they are super effective.

Final Verdict

The Ghost platform is not only mean for Bloggers but also for Journalists. They primarly focuses on publishing which is a good sign unlike diversified Wordpress.The Ghost now may seems immatured plaform but it's constantly improving and it has potential to keep people's interest. For developers and learners we seems its perfect choice to go ahead...
More Ghost related articles will be published on this blog soon, so stay tuned....

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